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Pomeranian Puppy Pictures
Page Updated...December 21,st 2008
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Truvey and Bobby had 4 beautiful puppies December 14th 2006.
One absolutely delightful little girl and for beautiful boys. All four of these wonderful Poms are smaller and should
come into wonderful full coats as they mature. Beautiful loving creatures that they are...
Truvey II
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This little girl is an absolute
delight. I am frankly very tempted
to keep her.  She has a
wonderfully square stance.
Beautiful conformation. She
becomes more beautiful day by
This cream sable parti
boy is a delight to
behold. his coloring is
subtle and striking at the
same time
Gotta love his black
mask, and that little
black chin off set against
the bright white.  What a
cutie! His coloring is so
Oh Wow...yes wow...
Beautiful beaver parti boy.
Phenomenal color on this
little guy. He's an attention

Sylvie & Coco had their wonderful babies January 21st, 2007. They had 3 babies;   one
cream chocolate boy, one jet black boy, and one adorable cream sable girl. They were
having too much fun playing with that tuft of grass when I took these photos... be sure to
check out their individual photo pages. Three lovable playful Hairballs.
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Click Here for More Photos

What a cuddle bug. He is a
snuggler with a wonderful
subtle coloring. Cream with
chocolate eyeliner, lipliner,
and nose.  There is a subtle
chocolate cast over his
exterior coat as well...
Although the chocolate
tipping is changing as his
coat matures.
Striking jet black boy. Such a
love. He's first in line for
cuddles and hugs. He is a
solid black, no white in this
little fellow except for the
whites of his eyes and his
bright white teeth...
What a cutie
Beautiful Cream Sable Girl.
She has the dramatic black
eyeliner, lipliner and nose.
She has a bit of sabling
down her back and a
wonderful shaded cream

Fantasy Girl and Rosco had their sweet puppies November 23rd, 2006. All three are
small with the adorable petite faces.  One extremely light cream boy, one delightful
black girl, and one rich orange boy. Absolutely Beautiful...
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Wow... beautiful light cream
boy. I love his stance, face,
and overall attitude. Gee
suppose I like this dog... lol...

She is a cutie, black with a
white blaze on her chest and
a smudge of white on her
chin. She is just too cute.
When she comes into her full
coat she will be a striking
Woof... simply georgous
orange boy. Love his
sweet face, cobby little
body, and rich orange

Tessa & Bobby's sweet
babies were born March 30th,
2007. One striking black parti
boy, one drop dead gorgeous
Cream Sable Boy, and one
adorable Black Girl with a
white blaze on her chest.
Beautiful Sweet and Petite.
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Black Parti Boy
Cream Sable Boy
Black Girl

Fancy & Rosco's delightful
babies were born on April
6th, 2007. Two wonderful
Cream Sable Boys, one
Sweet Black Girl, and One
Little Cream Sable Girl.
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Black Girl
Cream Sable Girl
Orange Sable Girl
Cream Sable Boy
White on Face

Patty & Bobby's Beautiful
babies were born on April 7th,
2007.  One adorable Cream
Sable Girl, One Equally
Delightful Black Parti Girl, One
Handsome Black Boy, and One
Charming Cream Sable Parti
Click Here for More Photos
Cream Sable Parti Girl
Black Parti Girl
Black Boy
Cream Sable Parti Boy

Adoption Fees have been posted for the sake of clarification only.

Deposits are accepted only after an interview is completed.  Said interview can be completed over the
telephone; or in person.  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have;  of course I will have some
questions of my own as well.

The Most Important thing is to have a good match between you and your puppy.  
It is a long term commitment for you.
However, it is a Lifetime Commitment for your Pomeranian.

I look for loving lifetime  homes for my Wonderful Hairballs... otherwise known as Pomeranians.
Yes I do think they are all Wonderful... lol...
I look forward to chatting with you.

If I do not get back with you within a day or so Either email me again.
Better Yet Pick up the Phone.

I am not ignoring you... I am simply busy taking care of the Happy Hairballs.
Keep in mind, I receive thousands of emails a day. There is no way I can get through them all.
Pick up the Phone and Call.

Life is a journey... Enjoy the Trip... Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs (Poms)
Bee Bee & Nelson's baby
girls were born April 20th,
2007. This is their first litter.
One Rich Chocolate Girl and
One Magnificent Beaver girl.
Click Here for More Photos
Chocolate Girl
Beaver Girl
T.D. & Barron's little girl
was born April 21st, 2007.
This little girl is their first
litter. What a beautiful
puppy. Absolutely
Outstanding color markings.
She is an eye catcher now.  
When she is an adult she will
be draw attention wherever
she is seen.
Click Here for More Photos
Black Parti Girl
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Sorry Folks there are No Pomeranians Available at this time.  
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