Our Beautiful Pomeranian Gals
check back often as this page is a work in progress
I do hope you have enjoyed your time exploring our female Pomeranian pages. Our Pomeranians are AKC registered; unless otherwise

I have noticed over the years that this wonderful breed comes in a rainbow of colors. As you can see from the photos above. There are
Orange Pomeranians, Orange sable Pomeranians, Cream Pomeranians, Cream Sable Pomeranians, Black Pomeranians, Blue Pomeranians,
Beaver Pomeranians, White Pomeranians, Red Pomeranians, Red Sable Pomeranians, Black and Tan Pomeranians, Chocolate Pomeranians,
Orange Pomeranians with Chocolate Shading, Cream Pomeranians with Chocolate Shading. (this would be like a Cream Sable Pomeranian,
except the tipping and shading is Chocolate rather than a dark Charcoal or Black.)  Cream Pomeranians with blue tipping/shading,
Parti-color Pomeranians (the Parti-Colors come in all the wonderful colors as well.),  Tri-color Pomeranians

Exotic Pomeranians, would be Chocolates, Blues, Beavers, Wolf Sables, Whites, Parti-colors, Tri-color, Merles, Orange Chocolates,
Cream Chocolates, Orange Blue, Cream Blue. Frankly I'm not sure how else to describe it. No I am not new to the Breed. I have been a
Pomeranian breeder for the majority of my life. My Mother started in Pomeranians in 1963, I was born in 1960, so you could say I was
raised with this wonderful breed of dog.

Pomeranians come in a variety of sizes as well. They started out as 40 pound dogs and have been bred down in size from there. Personally I
have never seen a 40 pound Pomeranian. Although I did visit with a gentleman who's dog managed to grow to that size.  That is extremely
rare. I have seen Pomeranians as large as 26 pounds, and as small as 2 pounds. The ironic thing is that both the larger and the tiny toy Pom
can come out of the same litter. They simply are not consistent  in size.  

Keep in mind the smaller you go, generally the more health issues there are. Tiny Toy Pomeranians are extremely fragile and not suited for
families with small children.  If you have small children and would like a Pomeranian look for one a bit larger, not a 2 to 5 pound dog. An 8 to
15 pound Pomeranian  would be a better choice.

Pomeranian puppies are wonderful cute and fuzzy.  They are also extremely fragile, especially if they are extremely small Poms. If  after you
have explored all the pros and cons of the very small Pomeranian and still would like to have one that is tiny look for one over 6 months old.
Then you will have a much better idea of what size it is actually going to be.

Yes you will miss the cute puppy fuzziness, however you will have a much more stable Pomeranian health wise. Also you will know what size
it is actually going to be. A tiny Pomeranian puppy can surprise you and hit a growth spurt, and what you thought was going to be 4 pounds
turns into 14 pounds. The opposite can happen as well.

So when you Choose your Pomeranian puppy keep in mind it is a living loving being and be prepared for the exciting times ahead. These
wonderful intelligent loving dogs are not stuffed toys, they are living creatures just like children are.

That's all for now from the High Plains of Wild Wonderful Wyoming.

Life is a journey...enjoy the trip.
Mary E. Robbins & the Happy Hairballs
Robbins Run Ranch: Living the Dream With Our Wyoming Pomeranians
Wyoming Pomeranian Breeder
Beautiful Pomeranian

Please do enjoy Our Beautiful Pomeranian Gals.

Below you will find photos of the wonderful girls whom are with us now
and have been in the past.

Those that are no longer with us have either gone on to new homes or
have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

There have been many wonderful Pomeranians in my life over the years.
My mother started breeding dogs in 1963.

As a result I have had the pleasure of  Pomeranian companionship for
most of my life;  I was born in 1960.

No the photos are not going back that far.  Even though I do not have
photos of most of the dogs of my childhood, they are with me in my heart
and mind.

Each and every one has been a blessing in their own special way.

When you click on their photo, their page will open in another window.  

You will find a photo story, a brief blurb about each wonderful
Pomeranian and their family tree; otherwise known as a pedigree.

The idea is to have each family member's name linked to their scrapbook
page. Some will have more family members linked than others.

Do Enjoy...and check back often as our scrapbook grows.
Ida's Mini Tatanka
Nettie's Tillus Magillis
Susie's Ida Joe
Squeaker's Patty
The Pill
Stick's Squeaky Doll
Susie Q Bear's Surprise
Tina's Diva Devine
Susie's Dolly Girl
Squeaker's Nettie The
Diamond Girl's Little
Ida and Coco's Queen
Dee Dee
Diva's Sassy Girl
Sadie's Muff-N-Stuff
Susie's Golden Girl II
Susie's Miss Sylvie
Sissy's Little Midgie
Patty's Snicker-Bits
Diva's Fancy Pants
Squeaker's Tessa the
Sassy's Groovy
Sissy's Terrific Tulip
Sassy's Tinker The Bell
Sylvie's What a Tootsie
Dolly's Tremendous
Goldie's Bodacious
Patty's Lil Tiffy Two
Patty's Quaint Tyrant
Fancy's Fantasy Girl
Dolly's Lovely Lucy
Sissy's Sassy Copper
Muffie's Perfect Peach
Dee Dee's Tiny
Damsel the Second
Tina Marina's
Jealous Child