Below you will find directions from Denver to my Happy Hairball
Home... Otherwise known as Robbins Run Ranch

Visitors are Welcome
Make an Appointment Please
No Unannounced Drop Ins Please.

I try to have only one set of clients here at a time so you can have my
full attention.  

However if you do insist on dropping in... I assure you I have extra
rakes and brooms available, and will be more than happy to put you to
work on Ranch/Kennel chores.

Chores aside, making an appointment is the courteous...responsible
thing to do.. I thank you in advance for your courtesy and consideration.


•        I 25 north... through Cheyenne WY

•        Just coming out on the north side of Cheyenne you will see
Vandehi exit... then you will see Horse Creek exit... the next exit is
Torrington Hwy 85 (exit #17)... take the Torrington Hwy 85 exit... (this
exit is on the east side of the interstate) make sure you have enough
fuel (for a 160 mile round trip) before you leave Cheyenne... there is a
rest stop about 40 miles out on 85... then you will go through Hawk
Springs (neither has fuel).

•        Stay on Highway 85 until you see the turn off to Yoder on the
west... and Huntley on the east (highway 161) turn east on 161.
(approx. 56 miles from exit 17 to the turn off to hwy 161)

•        Stay on 161 until you reach the stop sign (it's the first stop sign
you will come to that is for you) you will be going due east when you
come to it. (approx. 7miles)

•        161 runs into hwy 92 east... you will come to a stop sign… that is
where 161 goes into 92…while you are sitting at the stop sign… look
east… you will see a gravel road running east up over a hill… my house
is just over the hill on the eastern horizon…so go east on hwy 92...
(approx. 8 tenths of a mile) (not 8 miles… 8 tenths of a mile) the sign for
road 52 is a little difficult to see... however hwy 92 turns south there...
keep coming east on the gravel road... be sure to look for vehicles it’s a
dangerous intersection... you will cross a set of railroad tracks on the
gravel road as well... those tracks are used... watch for trains...

•        from hwy 92 come east on Road 52... it's a gravel road... we are
the second house on the north on the gravel road it's about 1.5 miles on
the gravel road... you can not see our house until you pass the missile
silo (no building... just a fenced enclosure with some posts and lights on
the north side of the road)...slow down after the missile silo... the gravel
road is well maintained by the airforce up to it... but after that it is a
county road and kind of rutty... not horrible... but rutty... Our house is
yellow with green trim… there is a Quonset building, a greenhouse, and
3 other outbuildings…   and of course the Poms…

Contact # 307-788-0202

Robbins Run Ranch
Mary E. Robbins
5936 Road 52, Box 67
Huntley, WY 82218

Our address Will not mapquest... however  you can mapquest to:
Huntley Wy, 82218

That will take you to a couple miles west of our Ranch.

To the stretch 8 tenths stretch of highway 92 between hwy 161 and the
gravel road.
Robbins Run Ranch

Click on the Robbins Run Ranch Link and
this map will show the latitude and longtitude of our ranch. It shows us
on road 154, that road number is under the old system. When you get
here it will show as road 52. Don't ask me just is.  It's one of
those things you deal with when you live in a rural area.  Should be
updated by now, but of course it isn't.  So we just have to deal with it
the way it is. Put your address in the drive to area.  Wait till it processes
and then click on get reverse directions. Then you will have yahoo maps
directions to our driveway.  If you click on the hybrid link on the map
you will be able to see our place  the  A is pointing to our driveway. (it
will be the B after you reverse directions)
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Directions from Scottsbluff to RobbinsRunRanch:
Hwy 26 west to Morrill.  Turn south as if you were going to Lyman NE. Go west out of
Lyman on Hwy 92. Turn north on gravel road #61 for 1 mile. Turn West on road #52. We
are the first house on the north side of road. Yellow house with green trim. a quonset hut,
plastic green house, dogs.

Or Hwy 26 west to Henry. Turn South on henry hwy. Turn west on gravel road # 52. You
will come to an intersection of road 52 and road 61 keep coming west on 52 around
another 1/2 mile past the intersection. Approx.  Yellow house on north side of the road.  

(DO NOT APPROACH MASTIFF PEN!  They do their guard job quite well)

Folks are always welcome when I know they are coming. Remember this is a ranch not a
pet store. Kennel tours are by appointment only. That way I can give you my full attention.

Thank You...

Life is a journey... enjoy the trip... Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs
307.788.0202 USA Mountain Time