...About Us...
...Just a Bit of Information...

Absolutely Beautiful Healthy Happy Hairballs... Otherwise known as
Pomeranians are our Passion. As a dog breeder I have specialized in
Pomeranians; and have over 30 years experience.

My aim is to raise Happy...Healthy Dogs... And place them in quality, loving,
lifetime homes... If you would like ...You are welcome to tour the kennel and
meet the Hairballs (Poms) ...Of course you will want to make an appointment…
unless you are interested in grabbing a rake…and enjoying a
wonderful workout cleaning kennel yards and changing bedding… guaranteed to
burn calories…lol…yes I do have extra rakes and various necessary tools on
hand for surprise visitors… we can chat while we complete kennel necessities…
Mini... my Sweet Baby Girl. Born in February 2003. She is my Furry Heart.

I no longer live in a house... I live in a kennel...lol... My dogs have outside
exercise yards to play and run in and large 4 by 7 foot houses ... It is a pleasure
to watch them playing with their companions... enjoying the day... No
Pomeranian is in an exercise yard by himself/herself.

No one is left outside if the weather becomes too inclement ... I am a "little"
protective of my furry friends...

Our whelping house is climate controlled (heated/air-conditioned).  Our
wonderful momma dogs and their delightful puppies are in the whelping house...
except when they are out running about.

I have noticed since we moved to this ranch, that my dogs' immune systems have
become wonderfully strong, and their coats are exceptionally full and beautiful.  
We truly have happy healthy dogs.

My puppies are all privately placed... After an interview process with their
prospective new people... This interview may take place over the phone, and
Internet, for long distances…

I do not sell to commercial kennels…a commercial kennel being one that sells to
brokers or pet shops…or labs for that matter…and reserve right of refusal on
any prospective puppy owner…

Our Poms are AKC registered, vaccinated, and micro chipped. I have Standard,
parti, & exotic coat colors available. Absolutely wonderful dogs... But of course I
would think so...lol...
Min Min is my baby girl... my rotten rotten misbegotten...spoiled rotten...
mainly she is my friend... my little furry heart.. Her Mother is Susie's Ida Joe...
and her father is Teddy Too Cute...she was born February 1st 2003... and was
a bottle baby... no she is not up for adoption... don't even ask... she is my
beautiful happy baby...
There are photos of both puppies and their parents on my website.. Enjoy

I do have my puppies parents here on the Ranch, quite often their grandparents
as well...

I get pretty backlogged in email so if you do not hear back from me directly, as
within a day or so. Pick up the phone and call me... after looking over the web
307-788-0202 MST

I'll be happy to chat with you... And answer any questions you may have. Of
course I’ll have a few of my own as well. It is important to me to place my
wonderful Poms in loving lifetime homes. The right match between person and
Pomeranian is important…. It is a long term commitment for you… but it is a
lifetime commitment for the Pomeranian. Wonderful loving creatures that they
are they deserve loving lifetime homes.
This photo of Mini and Tillie was taken March 29th, 2005... They were
each other's best friends...  my Tillie passed on this winter. (January
2007) I still can't believe she is gone.
Mini is the same beautiful girl as in the two photos above...

Pomeranians are the only breed I raise... We do a bit of large breed rescue as
well.  We are full up at this point on the large breed rescue. When they come in
they have a lifetime home here. We have 11 large breed dogs ranging from 60 to
125 lbs. ... 10 of which are rescue.  Cheyenne, my smooth coated border collie is
the only larger dog that is not rescue. She has been with me since the early
1990's. There are 4 labs, (Captain Crunch, Bully, Jazzy, and LuLu), 2 chow
crosses (Cisco and Poncho), 1 saint bernard/golden cross (Charlie), 1
malamute/wolf cross (Yoda), 1 cane corso (Diesel) and 1 bull mastiff (Sara)

They have their lifetime homes here... And in exchange they do guard duty.  
They keep the coyotes, cougar, and stray humans away from my little hairballs
(alias: Pomeranians) and of course they act as my personal guard.

They are our Hairy security patrol... And of course they are all
spayed/neutered... I am a strong proponent of spay/neuter in pets...

Cheyenne, Diesel, or Sara go with me on puppy deliveries (within a 200 mile
radius)... I think Diesel would drive given half a chance...lol...

Yes we do ship... usually out of Denver International Airport.

If you have any questions feel free to ask... Whether you decide to bring a puppy
into your home from me or not... The only bad question is the one that goes

Keep in mind that if a breeder is defensive about questions... There is a reason...
If they refuse to allow you to see the puppy's parents or their kennel... These
are warning signs...

My babies stay with me until they are a minimum of 10 weeks old if they are
being placed locally... A minimum of  12 weeks when they are being shipped... I
used to think that it was important to place them as young puppies.  I have
however changed my mind over the years. Experience has taught me that they
are much more stable a bit older, and adjust just fine to their new people.  

Do come see us at our happy home on the web. Or if you would like you are
welcome to tour our ranch in Wild Wonderful Wyoming and meet our Happy
Hairballs "Pomeranians" in person. Of course visits are by appointment. Yes I
know I said that already. I'm not hiding...just extremely busy.  It is unbelievably
annoying to be in the middle of giving vaccinations and have someone "drop" in.  
Dropping in on people unexpectedly is inconsiderate and just plain rude.

So Please be considerate with whichever breeder you go and see.  

We do not deal with pet shops, brokers, or labs, for puppy placement. Our
Pomeranians are all placed with their adoptive people after we have concluded
our interview process.
Mini and I, February 2007
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We work with a variety of affiliates,
projects, programs, and clientele; and would be happy to help you in your work
at home efforts.

Life is a Journey...enjoy the trip... Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs

Come See us at The Business End! Where our focus is on building a successful,
home based Internet business, in an honorable manner. More tools available on
my blog, feel free to call if you have any questions: 307.788.0202 MST
As you to bring to others In either thought or deed
May you be so blessedIn the life you lead
Ten times ten plus one
Whether this is  Blessing Or Cursing be Is completely up to thee!